Digital Marketing Operating Suite (DMOS) Review 2023: Is it Worth Buying?

Gaurav Gurbaxani

If you are in the sphere of Digital Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, or any other online Business then you must have faced the burden of Expensive Tools. To Solve this Problem Gaurav Gurbaxani, a.k.a Lazy Marketer created this tool called DMOS (Digital Marketing Operating Suite).

Digital Marketing Operating Suite (DMOS) is a set of tools that gives business owners who have not adapted to the online business world yet the power to run their online business successfully.

The problem is that entrepreneurs do not have the tools that they require to launch their online business overnight.

DMOS is available for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs on, an invite-only platform specifically created that connects Business owners with Verified Freelancers to start and grow their dream business online.

To avail of the benefits of DMOS, you can become a member of the DMOS community by subscribing to their Lifetime Deal priced at 97$.

Features of DMOS :

1) Analytics

   DMOS’s analytics is a great tool to analyze your website visitors behaviour. Real-time web analytics with privacy and simplicity at its core. It can be used for unlimited websites, both for you and for your customers

digital Marketing Operating Suite

2) Gig Drive

DMOS provides you with 100 GB of cloud storage.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite


3) Funnel Builder

DMOS Funnel builder comes with a library of templates to create attractive and unlimited funnels. Can be used for unlimited websites. Both for you & for your clients

Digital Marketing Operating Suite

4) Link Shortner

DMOS Link Shortner allows you to create shortened URLs for unlimited website unique bio links for unlimited times and get proper analytics of your visitors. It can be used for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. It can also be used on websites.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite

5) BOT

DMOS BOT  is the first, powerful and complete Messenger marketing software for Facebook & Instagram. It can be used for clients.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite

6)CRM( Customer relationship management)

For Businesses and Entrepreneurs, CRM is a must-have tool, where a number of things can be tracked/recorded, prepare invoices, collects lead and many more.


Digital Marketing Operating Suite


With the Email Marketing tool, you can easily grow your email lists, increase conversions and optimize your engagement. To Start using Email Marketing, you need to signup to Sendgrid and enable sync with DMOS.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite


Get ahead of your competition with the DMOS SEO tool. It’s a must-have powerful tool for search engine optimization at your fingertips. The SEO tool comes with SERP checker, Backlink analysis tool, Keywords research, speed test and much more.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite

9) WhatsApp Bot

Streamline your WhatsApp messages & deliver for your clients with DMOS WhatsApp Bot.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Tool by DMOS aims to Skyrocket Conversions & Increase Your Growth. Increase your website’s growth by using notification widgets.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite


DMOS – Text to Speech tool converts texts to AI speech with the choice of your accent and gender. This tool can define a significant role in your business presentation. It’s a perfect tool for the ones, who feel shy or nervous and not confident with their voice modulation.

Digital Marketing Operating Suite

To join DMOS, You need to :



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